Promos for Between the Lines Theatre’s production of In The Snow

I have been pretty silent here about my work with Between the Lines Theater, a great live theater project here in Missoula, MT conceived and run by Mason Wagner. I’ve been filming them through an entire season in what I hope will be complete documentary by next fall. Last week, Mason and I spent some time talking to director Kendra Potter and actor Jeff Medley about the current world premier production of Kate Morris’ play In The Snow. From those interviews, I cut the following short “promo” videos.

Mason and I did some interviews together with Greg Johnson at the Montana Repertory Theater in anticipation of that company’s 50th anniversary celebrations in 2017. Mason wanted to do something similar with some of the people in this production to help promote it, but also give people some insight into the play, the people and the process. As I’ve been on hand through much of these productions with my camera, I was all too happy to help.

Both these interviews were shot in theater number 3 at the Roxy Theater on February 27th, before the stage and sets for the play were built.

The production opened last night at the Roxy Theater in Missoula. It runs through March 18. If you are in Missoula, get down to the Roxy Theater and check it out.

Jeff Medley as the Nightmare Wolf

Kendra Potter on Directing In the Snow

Look for more on Between the Lines in the Fall when I am done with my documentary.