• Trainspotting in Portland

    The real title for this series is “Rebecca at the Well” which is a reference to the fountain in Downtown Portland’s Shemanski Park where the photos were taken, but which also lends a poetic irony to the subject of a woman jabbing a needle in her arm.

  • In the Snow

    Promos for Between the Lines Theatre’s production of In The Snow I have been pretty silent here about my work with Between the Lines Theater, a great live theater project here in Missoula, MT conceived and run by Mason Wagner. I’ve been filming them through an entire season in what I hope will be complete […]

  • On School Shootings

    I was not at Columbine High School on the morning of April 20, 1999 when Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris went on their killing rampage. But I was there on the afternoon of April 19 and the morning of April 21.

  • Beargrass Writers

    New images of Beargrass Writers from the 2017 Beargrass Writing Retreat in Greenough, MT

  • Anders Osborne at River City Roots Festival 2017

    Photos of Anders Osborne and his bandmates Eric McFadden and Carl Dufresne from River City Roots Festival 2017 in Missoula, MT

  • Photoblog: New England Graveyards

    I have a special love for graveyards. Like libraries, I find them peaceful, contemplative, and rich in story.