Daily Photo: Thursday, June 4, 2020

He Couldn't Breathe

Signs that read “He Couldn’t Breathe” have become ubiquitous at Black Lives Matter protests. Nothing else seems to capture the indignity of police violence in the killing of George Floyd last month in Minneapolis.

I don’t support violence. I don’t condone looting. But I abhor racism, and I support people’s right to non-violent protest more than anything. I share in the anger and frustration that was expressed at this peaceful gathering in Missoula yesterday, and while I rarely share photos I take which show people’s anger – it’s not usually the side of people I want to celebrate – in this case, I see that the need for action and change in America is boiling over, and the story needs to be heard. It is time for change.

Nikon N90s with Nikkor 24mm f/2.8
Fomapan 200 developed in XTOL 1:1
Black Lives Matter Protest
Missoula, Montana
June 2020