Daily Photo: September 19, 2020


Mamiya RB67 with Sekor 90mm f/3.8 lens
Fomapan 100 film developed in Rodinal 1:50
WPA Rock Garden
William Land Park
Sacramento, California
September 2020

Gardens are a great place to find one’s thoughts. My life has been a study in asymmetry filled with light and shadow, and Opuntia (Prickly Pear) seem to reflect that asymmetry beautifully. Living in Montana, I find myself missing cacti. So when I find myself in a place with interesting cacti, I let my eyes feast and enjoy. I found this massive sculptural Opuntia in the WPA Rock Garden in Land Park, Sacramento. It stood about 15 feet in height, and I just loved the way it danced in the sunlight.