Daily Photo: Tuesday, June 1, 2020

Tiny’s Tavern

I’ve been wandering again. The other day, I took a drive through 4 counties in Western Montana and just let interesting things find me. This is Tiny’s Tavern in Charlo, Montana. It was a rainy day in the Mission Valley and everywhere I went and set up to take a picture, I got rained on. But when I pulled into Charlo, it was like a dry little oasis, so I got out and walked around on the deserted main street. I shot a few photos before walking back to my car which was parked across the street, so I took a quick photo with my Mamiya RB67 and drove south into the rain.

Fomapan 100 dev in XTOL 1:1
Mamiya RB67
Charlo, MT
May 2020